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Using Our Study System
by Law Study Systems - Wednesday, 28 November 2012, 10:51 AM
Q. Is using your stuff additive, or can it help me learn better and faster?

A. Our study aids can help you learn better and faster, i.e., you can study more time-effectively.

Preparing for Class - Because they focus on the black letter law, our study aids help you separate what is relevant from what is irrelevant. This can help improve your focus as you read assigned cases, which can help you better anticipate what the professor emphasizes in class.

Because they are interactive, our tutorials and quizzes give you immediate, objective feedback, so you don't have to wait until after the final to find out how well you’re learning.

And because they are visual, our tutorials and flow charts help you “see” the facts and the structure of the law.

Preparing for the Final Exam – By following this multi-modal approach across the semester, you are able to index the principles and rules of law more deeply in your memory.

This strengthens your ability to quickly recall these principles and rules and apply them to new sets of facts, which is the essence of learning and which is essential for performing well on the final exam.

Q. Your study aids make up a “system.” What does that mean?

A. Our study aids represent different – but complementary – modes of learning.
For example, the tutorials use hypotheticals with multiple-choice interaction to teach the black letter law in a straightforward way, with no hiding of the ball.

Our review quizzes apply the rules from the tutorials to mini-fact patterns, giving you a chance to test your understanding with immediate, objective and risk-free feedback.

In support of the tutorials and the quizzes, our flow charts provide a visual depiction of the logic of the rules.

And our study outlines provide a traditional hierarchical depiction of the rule.

Each of these has its own value. Used as a system, they provide learning according to complementary modes of learning.

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