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Premium Courses

All 1L Courses $149

Offer and Acceptance $20.
Consideration $20.
The Parol Evidence Rule $20.
Remedies: Expectation Damages $20.
Remedies: Common Law Alternatives to Expectation Damages $30.
Interpretation $15.
Excuse $15.

Buy Them All for $80

Criminal Law
Actus Reus $15.
Mens Rea $30.
Causation $20.
Homicide $20.

Buy Them All for $50

Civil Procedure
Personal Jurisdiction $15.

Adverse Possession $20.
Landlord / Tenant $20.
The Estate System / Future Interests $30.
Easements $15.

Buy Them All for $50

Negligence: Causation; Duty of Care; Proof of Breach $20.
Negligence: Limited Duty Rules; Landowner Liability; Products Liability $20.
Intentional Torts; Strict Liability $15.
Negligence Defenses: Damages $15.

Buy Them All for $50

Criminal Procedure I
Criminal Procedure $20.

Hearsay $20.

Exam Busters
Civil Procedure $20.
Contracts $30.
Criminal Law $30.
Property $30.
Torts $30.

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The Law Study System economizes the time required to master key concepts, using a combination of tutorials, self-assessment quizzes, outlines and practice tests. Designed by respected law school professors, this system delivers what you need to know in a way that fits into your busy schedule.

Five Ways in which our study aids outperform traditional, paper-based products.

How to prepare for class and review for the exam
How to prepare for class, using the law study system.
How to review for exams, using the law study system.

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